Passion Projects



I'm a big believer in passion projects. I've committed to one ongoing side project per year, and also try to do (almost) daily side projects to practice skills, scratch and itch or learn new techniques. My side projects usually combine practicing illustration skills as well as front-end development. Those are two sides of my brain that I have to keep growing and streching as part of my ongoing education as a Designer, and feel that side projects are the best way to do this.

I am in the works developing my 2017 project, which will be an ongoing exploration of user journey design. That may sound boring, but it's going to be great.

Dress Your Tech

I created Dress Your Tech as a way to share illustrations optimized for mobile wallpaper on your device.


Wandering / Wondering

I began the 100 days project in late 2015 to explore one different travel interaction a day. It was difficult at first, but then I started to enjoy the process of figuring out a new interaction.

travel ui travel ui travel ui travel ui

Alphabet For Fooides

I love drawing food almost as much as eating it, so I created a foodie alphabet to showcase some of my favorite foods. I enjoyed learning about some new foods (who knew that umbrella fruit could be so pretty?) and also some of my favorite fruits (watermelon or pears).

food 1 food 2