Refining an Education Tracking Platform

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CE Broker is a continuing education tracking platform for healthcare providers. The product allows healthcare workers to review their courses and keep track of license renewal requirements.


CE Broker had an existing design system that was recently created. I was challenged with refining some of their most important features to ensure that the layout and content was obvious and emphasized. The creation of new components had to stay within the existing design language. Also, the refinement of existing features had to have a cohesive feel.

Refining Existing Features

  1. Dashboard Onboarding Tour
  2. Provider Application Queue
  3. Audit Dashboard Empty State
  4. Provider Update

Dashboard Onboarding Tour Design

The main CE Broker Regulators' Dashboard is where members of board staff at state departments of health approve educational providers and courses. They can check on key performance indicators and audit licensees for CE compliance (CE Broker's regulatory system).

Designing Empty States

This Dashboard is the first area that a user sees when they arrive. As a new users, they'll have no average approval times, no messages, no courses, and no audits. The only active content they will see is licenses.

As a first-time user, this amount of empty content can be overwhelming and confusing. I created an onboarding tour and central information hub for when the user arrives for the first time.


Provider Application Queue

The Provider Application Queue is where board staff can view existing, approved education providers and review any outstanding applications. As a new user, there are no provider applications.

To educate users on the use of this section, it appeared that a Dashboard Tour with the option to leave or turn off the tour was appropriate.

Audit Dashboard

The Audit Dashboard is a core job of the board staff. Here, they can audit licenses to make sure they are compliant with CE requirements. Users can audit licenses by adding them to the license detail page of list. Alternatively, they can upload a spreadsheet or select a random population to audit those.

The amount of options to the user aren't clear in the design. To provide additional details, I created an introductory modal to clarify this information.

Introduction with available audits
Introduction empty state

Provider Update

Our provider pages allow education providers to submit applications for board approval (like applying to be an approved provider or applying to offer a specific course), report completed CE courses on behalf of licensees who have completed them, and view other critical information about their business.

Since the CE Broker design language had recently been updated, the goal of these designs was to work within the current system with as little creation of new components as possible.

The previous Dashboard design file (see below) used a side navigation. To keep consistency throughout the application, I changed the navigation to a top-level navigation.

Sketch of Provider Update Dashboard
Mobile responsive sidebar
Mobile responsive Dashboard
Previous Dashboard design
Refreshed Dashboard design

Course Search Project

Searching for available courses is one of the big benefits of CE Broker for healthcare licensee users. These all approved continuing education courses are free and are available.

One challenge is when users search for a course and are shown "No courses found" messaging with no available action to take.

Previous design

Empty State Design Solution

To address the lack of available actions to the user, I redesigned this page to include more relevant information.

  1. Creation of on-brand icon
  2. Recommendation to browse catalogue
  3. Suggestions of popular courses
Course Search design

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