Some of my thoughts on design systems, mentorship and scaling remote design teams.

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Life.io Health and Wellness Surveys

January 2018

Surveys provided another avenue to gather lifestyle data about users.

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A Year of Teaching with Girls Who Code

October 2017

A reflection on a year of teaching with Girls Who Code and how this has made me a better Designer.

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UI Design for Energy Simulation

September 2017

My process for creating a prototype for Powering Health, a health clinic power design system.

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Creating a Branding System for a Holistic Body Shop

August 2017

I collaborated with Luminous Touch, a body shop based in Boulder, Colorado, to define their brand identity.

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Life.io Rebrand

August 2017

As the Life.io brand continues to grow, it became apparent that the visual identity of the brand wasn't aligned with the direction of the product.

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Mobile UI Illustration Process

April 2017

This week I'm working on some mobile illustrations for a health and wellness app. I wanted to show people doing different healthy activities-whether that's mindful eating, exercises or even just relaxing.

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Approaching Branding and Identity Projects

March 2017

One of my design students asked me recently how I start a branding and identity project. I had to stop and think for a moment because, although I have a systematic approach to developing new brand identities, I don't think I had articulated my process in a linear way.

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December 2016

A few designers have reached out to me recently about design resource suggestions, such as what books I read and online tutorials I find useful. I wanted to provide an updated list of my go-to tools and resources.

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